Ernest Hemingway's The Short Happy Life Of Francis Macomber

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Final Paper
Ernest Hemingway, the famously known author out of Oak Parks, Illinois on July 21, 1899 to Grace and Clarence Hemingway. Ernest Hemingway was brought up in a very conservative but yet unusual house. The reason I iterate unusual is because his mother, Grace Hemingway is the one that provides the financial stability in their household and does not do any house chores, she was an strong willed women but was unsupportive and bashful, whereas his father Clarence Hemingway played more of the mother role because he would do the house chores and did not make as much as Grace, That is unusual at that time frame in history because men were the breadwinners of the households and the women would do all the house chores. The things that I believe that most influenced Ernest Hemingway psychologically through his life would have to be the role his mother had on him and also the influence women besides his mother, and it could be seen with the characters Margot Macomber and Francis Macomber from Ernest Hemingway’s story , “The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber” .
Margot Macomber, has strong similarities to that of Ernest Hemingway's mother, Grace Hemingway. They are both strong willed women who do not need a male companionship but are in their relationship for their benefit. For Margot Macomber, it was the financial lifestyle that her husband Francis brought to her life which was why she never thought of leaving him, and for Grace Hemingway she was with her husband because
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