Essay on Ernest Hemingway’s Writings and Wartime Experiences

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Hemingway’s Writings and Wartime Experiences Oak Park, Illinois greatly influenced the writing world on July 12,1899. For on that day Grace Hemingway, the wife of Clarence Edmonds Hemingway, gave forth to the writing world a baby boy by the name of Ernest Miller Hemingway (Young 82). He would, later in his life, compose the most powerful literary impact upon the new generation of American writers with his plain, factual, but evocative style (Morris 863). No one in America would ever influence the writing world like Hemingway. At a very young age it was apparent to those around him that Hemingway really was something special. Many marveled at how he was able to create such a dynamic story. Not many knew at the time…show more content…
Another of his wartime experiences dealt with the Spanish Civil War. Hemingway could never resist a physical challenge, and the fact that the civil war broke out in a country he fell romantically in love, seemed to make Ernest align himself with the Communists as well as the Spanish Royalists (Bloom 27). Hemingway even became involved with World War II, in which he managed to liberate the Ritz Hotel, as well as take two prisoners all by his lonesome (Theodoracapulas 81). He lived in Cuba for twenty years, and as time progressed, Cuba became no place for an American. All of these wartime experiences would influence Hemingway’s writings. By being exposed to war, Ernest Hemingway’s mind absorbed some of the most gruesome acts of mankind. This exposure helped him create many of his short stories. He endured war by facing it with honor, dignity, strength, knowledge, and endurance (Young 83). Although Hemingway, often called Papa among his peers, became influenced through many events occurring throughout his life. It is clear, however that Papa’s wartime experiences best explain the disturbing aspects of his writings. Hemingway developed the aspects of physical and psychological violence, courage, and unemotional behavior in his writings through his personal involvement in numerous wars. Violence is very evident in Ernest Hemingway’s writings. His works involve physical and psychological wounding, escape, and death (Unger 266).
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