Ernest Shackleton Analysis

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Sir Ernest Shackleton encountered many conflicts and hardships throughout his journey across the Antarctic. His men and him faced several external and internal conflicts, such as their boat being stuck on the ice, starvation, the cold and warm temperatures, and the struggle to maintain a happy attitude throughout the journey. Although their expedition failed, they are still remembered for their unwillingness to give up. Firstly, the men encountered an external conflict. While they were approaching the icy cold continent, their boat, The Endurance, got stuck in the ice. The men stayed on the ship for as long as they could before they knew it was time to leave, otherwise they would be crushed by the ice that was collapsing in on the ship. The crew…show more content…
Some of the men did not have sleeping bags because there had only been eighteen of them. They had to face bitter cold and deal with long months of complete darkness. After awhile, these things start to take a toll on your mental stability. Overcoming the internal conflicts, may have been the worst part of the expedition. To stay sane, they described their favorite meals to one another. They enjoyed hearing the different foods and it distracted them from the horrid place they were in. On the boat, the men became anxious and stressed out by countless days of blackness. They were becoming hopeless because the ice was only crushing the ship more. They moved off of the boat onto the ice and enjoyed the open space. Although I may never take an expedition to the Antarctic, I can learn some valuable lessons from their journey. Shackleton did his best to make sure his crew and him had good spirits and still had hope. I believe having hope is very important, even if in a situation that seems hopeless. Shackleton hopeful even when facing starvation, uncomfortable temperatures, and a situation that seemed to be
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