Ernesto Che Guevara Essay

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Che Guevara, a revolutionary in Cuba, has become an internationally recognized figure. While many people are familiar with his achievements of helping to overthrow and rebuild the Cuban government, his image has expanded well beyond his political success. Che’s picture has been seen all over the world, in every imaginable context. Many people associate Che Guevara with the very word “revolution,” while others remember Che as a brutal and ruthless guerilla. While everyone has their own interpretation of Che, others solely recognize his picture on clothing, the internet, books and artwork. His very image has become so widespread that some people believe it has lost meaning altogether. Different forms of imagery and media portray Che in…show more content…
Once the revolution was successful, he then became an important political figure. He served in a variety of positions ranging from President of the National Bank to Minister of Industry.

However, Che's strong views on Cuba's role as a communist nation (he thought that Cuba should aid other countries' revolutions as much as possible) eventually led him to leave Cuba and join other anti-imperliasm struggles. While working with a guerilla movement in Bolivia, Che was caught and killed by the Bolivian government. Although his name was reasonably well known before his this, it was his death that brought Che fully in to the international spotlight. "At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love." –Ernesto Che Guevera.

The first myth surround Che Guevara is that he was a deeply caring yet flawed human being. To many, Che represents the very meaning of altruism with his life-long struggle to end poverty and injustice around the world. Also, while many people solely see Che as a symbol of revolution, others recognize the fact that he was a human being with faults like us all. Asthma, emotional distress, and a self-admitted bad temper are some of the very-human flaws that Che dealt with throughout his life.” Che was, however was also known for being humorous and charming. An audio clip between Sir Herbert Marchant, the former British ambassador in Cuba, and Guevara’s friend
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