Ernesto Galarza's Early Life

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Ernesto Galarza was a Mexican-American activist and author that changed lives of not only Mexican-Americans but everyone. Ernesto was born on August 15, 1905 in Jalcocotán, Nayarit, Mexico. Later, when he was 6 years of age he immigrated to America from Mexico and changed his life forever. When Ernesto was only eight-years-old when he went to his first labor union. Sadly, when Ernesto was only 12 his mother died from the disease of Influenza. In 1923, he got admitted to Occidental college and graduates in 1927. A year later, Galarza marries Mae Taylor. Also, Taylor and Galarza created a school called the Year-Long school in 1936. In 1947, when he was 42, Ernesto earns a Ph.D from Colombia and helps organize a strike against the DiGiorgio fruit
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