Ernesto Galarza's Mission

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What drives people to undertake a mission?Well Ernesto Galarza, Forah Ahmedi, and Buck have to undertake a mission.Lots of people undertake missions.

Ernesto Galarza crossed the border.He went to a school called the Lincoln elementary school.He tries to learn English but was having a tough time.His first word was butterfly.He undertook a mission to learn english.Ernesto Galarza wrote about it in a book called Barrio Boy.

Forah Ahmedi tried to cross the border to leave her war torn country with her mom. Later meet a nice family. “My husband heard about a secret way of crossing the border he will go a check if it is true, I will come back if it is true.”said the lady “ you can come with us if you like?”said the lady.Then the husband came
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