Ernesto Schiaparelli : A Professor Of Ancient History

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Ernesto Schiaparelli
Ernesto Schiaparelli was born on July 12, 1856 in Occhieppo Inferiore, Italy. His father, Louis was a professor of ancient history at the University of Turin thus resulting Schiaparelli to have a close connection to history at a young age. Schiaparelli started his studies with Francesco Rossi at the University of Turin however, continued to study them in Paris in the years of 1877 and 1880 with Gaston Maspero, a French Egyptologist.
Ernesto’s father was a professor of ancient history at the University of Turin, his cousin was the eminent astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli, another one of his cousins was the Arabist Celestine and his grandson was an illustrator of scholars of palaeography and diplomatic Luigi Schiaparelli, including teacher at the most eminent of the University of Florence.
Early career:
For countless years, Schiaparelli was a director of the Egyptian Museum in Turin. In 1884, it is known that Ernesto Schiaparelli was at Thebes for the first time. Due to common belief, it is thought to be of the reasoning as he was head of the Egyptian Department of the Archaeological Museum in Florence, therefore, he was seeking to gain antiquities for the Florentine collection. While Ernesto was at Thebes, he gained contact with the Friars of the Francisan Mission in Luxor; this was the foundation creating a friendship, allowing for acquisitions and future career opportunities within the field. For years, he was also head of…
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