Ernie's Lunchroom Footprints

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I was outside of Ernie's Lunchroom when I heard gunshots. I ran inside and found the lunchroom deserted except for a dead man on the newly mopped floor. There were three sets of footprints on the floor, that I labeled X,Y and Z. The cash register had just been rung up for $8.75. We recovered four checks for customers A,B,C and D. Customer A had $2.45 on his check, $3 on B's, $2.10 on C's and $3.65 on D's Check. Customers B,C, and D had finished their food. Customer A's food was untouched. Ernie, the owner and only worker,was able to present us with one fact. The shooter leaned against the wall and shot him at point-blank range. The footprints labeled X were leading away from the wall. These must be the shooters footprints. The footprints
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