Eros Earthquake

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The storm raged and the windows quaked yet you stayed. You stayed with me at your peril. Eros has trapped me in your arms and will not let me escape. His mother begs him to let me go; for me to be free for that is my wish. But she begs me to stay so you can trap me forever and I can never leave for that is your wish. Eros will not listen but I will and stay to kiss your lips as I dream of another for whom I wish I was trapped with as the storm rages and the windows quake. “The stars shine bright in your eyes” you say to me you tell me I'm beautiful, smart, and sexy. You see those things in me that I can not. All I see is a sad girl that smiles to hide her pain. You are the only one who sees me and still thinks I am wonderful. Love can fill our hearts but it can also break the threads to others so we forget all those around us and we only see the point of our affection.…show more content…
Love. Most call you beautiful but I call you terrifying. You take my breath and fill my lungs with water and as I drown you kiss me and tell me that this is just the beginning. I call you terrifying but most call you beautiful. Love. Life is fun with you. It lights up my world when you walk in. How is this possible? I swear the sun was bright a second ago now it is dull compared to you. I had a favorite color but that was before I saw the color of your eyes now the gray of a winter cloud is my new
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