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Eros Embrey Mrs. Kelly Honors English 9 22 Mar. 2017 Athens and Sparta: The Peloponnesian War Countries can usually count on there being peace between the neighboring cities, the people of a country think they can be safe no matter what city they are in as long as it 's in their country. However, in many countries, civil wars can occur, having adverse effects on a country and its people. Cities can be major rivals, These rivalries can turn into worse problems, and these problems can turn into a civil war. In the fifth century, This was the issue in Greece, between the cities of Athens and Sparta. Athens was the capital of Ancient Greece, and Sparta was a military-based city. The war between Athens and Sparta was a tale of betrayal,…show more content…
Sparta for fear of Athens did not want to go to war, as Kagan says here “Shows how reluctant the Spartans still were to fight in the summer of 432 B.C.”. Sparta did not want to go to war but still kept pushing Athens closer to it, by threatening them, not accepting their offer help, and avoiding them. Athens tried some schemes to spy on Sparta, but they did not work as they got no information. Sparta then tried many times at peace as Kagan says “Sparta had cornered the Corinthians and were prepared to attack them if they tried succession under their rule”. Sparta offered to destroy them because they were the enemy of the Athenians. Athens eventually denied this for fear of trickery, and a little while later, Athens declared war on them from fear of Sparta’s repetitive threats on them. Athens and Sparta had now been at war for a while, and after a recent Sparta victory, Sparta decided to move some troops. Now, Sparta was in danger because of an important war generals death, and Sparta had been severely hurt by this. When he died Athens took many prisoners, and Sparta wanted them back, o they offered a treaty. Since Athens used to be in such a bad spot and was now winning, they were less motivated for peace, as they were winning. Athens had a multitude of Spartan prisoners, and their land had not been touched by Sparta for 3 years. They eventually reached out

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