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In the Poem, EPƒÇƒÃ, by Robert Bridges, Eros is referred to as an ¡§¡Kidol of the human race¡K¡¨ with a perfect form and looks, however, he bears no expression on his face. On the other hand, in the poem, EROS, by Anne Stevenson, Eros is portrayed as a ¡§thug¡¨ with a bruised and ¡§patchy¡¨ appearance. I believe that although both authors are trying to convey the same message, they choose different ways to go about it.      In the poem by Anne Stevenson, I believe that she is trying to show that while people, especially the narrator, were constantly asking for help and calling upon the gods, they were not thinking of others, but more so their own personal problems. When Eros first appears to the narrator, she is…show more content…
In contrast to Anne Stevenson¡¦s portrayal of Eros, Robert Bridges shows the god to be of perfect form and complexion; and virtually flawless. Not only is the appearance of the god presented differently, but the overall attitude that he carries as well. While Ann Stevenson shows Eros to be broken and battered, he carries a positive attitude; Robert bridges, I feel, takes a view that is somewhat opposite.      In his poem, EPƒÇƒÃ, Eros is described as having the perfect flawless body one would expect for a god to have, however, he is emotionless. With the line, ¡§Why hast thou nothing in thy face?¡¨ I believe that Bridges is trying to show that although Eros does what is asked of him, he no longer has emotion towards it, and even seems a bit reluctant. I also believe that Bridges is trying to suggest his view of the overworked god through the last stanza of the poem. He explains that while, ¡§¡KNone who e¡¦er long¡¦d for thy embrace, Hath cared to look upon thy face.,¡¨ I believe that this is the poets way of saying that while people are quick to accept the god, they are also quick to reject the god; and this constant turning of judgment places an unwanted burden and stress upon the gods. This weight that the gods must carry, more specifically Eros in this poem, causes them to lose their will to help. I believe that the message that Robert Bridges is demonstrating
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