Erosional Hotspot - Himalayan Foothills

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Himalayan Foothills

The famous Himalayan Mountains are gifted with shining glaciers and continuous rivers, expressing beauty and elegance. Although the tops of these mountains are glamorous and dazzling, the foothills of these beautiful mountains are a critical erosional hotspot on earth. The Himalayan Foothills are found around the lower regions of the Himalayan Mountains, stretching from the west of Pakistan to the east of Namche Barwa (crossing six nations).

There are many causes for the Himalayan foothills to become an erosional hotspot. One big contributor towards the soil degradation in the area are humans. People have been living in the Himalayas for thousands of years. As the years go by, people move around the area,
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Secondly, people that farm in the area can practice better agricultural practices that can benefit the soil and earth. If people can find a way to cultivate the land without harming the soil, then it might be a good thing and restore nutrients to the soil. If nutrients can be restored back into the soil, then the humus layer will not deteriorate and the soil will be strong enough to defend itself against erosion. Thirdly, farmers can hold back on livestock grazing so that the vegetation of the area will not be completely consumed. If grazing is decreased, then vegetation will remain and with sufficient time and water, the vegetation will grow, expand and protect the land. Fourthly, farmers can use another plan for harvesting so that the land will not be over-cultivated. They can alternate between different pieces of land, growing crops on one piece of land for a year, and leaving the other land alone for a year to be nourished and restored with nutrients. Fifthly, people can build artificial barriers or buffer zones (small slopes, hills, or a bump) surrounding rivers. During heavy rainfall, rivers have a tendency to flood and wash away soil at the foothills. If there were barriers surrounding the rivers, then rivers will not flood as easily, and the soil will not be eroded by water. A sixth way to combat erosion on the foothills is for farmers to grow more vegetation around the land to protect the soil.
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