Erotic Love: A Streetcar Named Desire

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Love can make people do crazy things. There is scientific evidence that proves love creates chemical changes in our brains. Love is a powerful force - one that can inspire greatness and one that can inspire madness. It is one of the strongest emotions we are capable of feeling. Erotic love is described as a sexual yearning, love, or intimacy, or the sum of all instincts for self-preservation. It is the spiritual force that helps us achieve transcendence within the deepest of human bonds. However, erotic love can affect us like a chemical addiction, causing obsession, intense euphoria, and reckless behaviors. The purpose of this essay is to explore the concept erotic love, according to Plato in the Republic and further prove that erotic love is a tyrant in the sense described by Plato.
Plato’s concept of philosophy seeks to clarify the concept of knowledge. The primary aim of the Republic is to set forth the parameters and defend the concept of a good
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She attacked the woman with pepper spray in a fit of jealous rage. John Wayne Bobbitt lost his penis after he forced himself on his wife. Beloved Tennessee Titans Quarterback Steve McNair was shot to death by his girlfriend after her discovery of McNair’s mistress. Unfortunately the extreme examples of erotic love as a tyrant are plentiful. It should be noted that in each case, there are varying degrees of obsession and madness.
While the cases of Susan Smith and Diane Downs certainly exemplify the concept of erotic love as a tyrant, they are extreme, and it is my opinion that mental illness plays a substantial role. More moderate examples of erotic love as a tyrant would include a wife abandoning her family, rather than killing, to be with her lover or a sex addict spending his life savings on prostitutes. We become careless with our choices and reckless in our behaviors in order to fill that insatiable
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