Erp And Best Of Breed Software

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A lot is being talked about in the market about ERP and Best of Breed software. ERP has been dominating the technology area for a while now, whereas the best of breed is still struggling to find place in the market. ERP might be an excellent platform to support any business but it has also been criticized for not being flexible and not being able to meet specific needs of industry. This is where the best of breed gains an advantage over the ERP systems, by developing standard software and customizing according to the business needs. ERP and Best of Breed have their own advantages over each other. While ERP can be used at bigger platforms where a complete solution is required, Best of breed approach can be used when the focus is towards a particular area as integrating different processes makes it a cumbersome process.
ERP software
Enterprise Resource Planning software is a cohesive system that is used by different organization and businesses to integrate different applications and key operations. ERP can be used to gather, store and handle data which include many different business process i.e. Product planning, manufacturing, technology, human resources and marketing. In simple terms, it is essentially making things easier by automating the time killing processed along with being efficient. ERP when performed in the right way, can streamline process and can coordinate with different departments to have one integrated, focused and easy to used system. ERP can be used by
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