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Cisco ERP implementation Cisco Systems Cases Cisco Systems is one the most important successful cases on an ERP implement with the internet and since then it has added substantial CRM capabilities for customer service and an extensive portal for internal and customer-oriented knowledge management. Even with its lead, the company never rests: It recently went through another round of reengineering key processes to make better use of available technology. Cisco the company Cisco System, Inc. was founded in 1984; became public in 1990, their primary product is the “router” hardware & software that control Intranet & Internet traffic. The rise of the Internet made Cisco one of the top companies, a company…show more content…
What went wrong was: Training Immature software This was Oracle’s first major implementation of a new software release, so there was a lack of experience. - 26 - Software did not provide all the functionality Cisco required “off the shelf”. Many modifications were required. Lessons learned When the system did go live, Pete Solvik, Sr VP and CIO, said: "I wouldn’t say the company hit the wall, but I would say we had major day to day challenges." On average, the system went down nearly once a day until it was stabilized two months later. The origins of these difficulties could be traced to Cisco's task rather than business process approach. The implementation team was organized in functionally rather than by process. - Reengineering ERP: Business Processes and Personal Dynamics, May 21, 2001 The project was kicked off on June 2 and went live on January 30, 1995. It succeeded because of the stature of Cisco. The Cisco IT staff, Oracle, HP, and KPMG dedicated almost unlimited resources to insure the project would be completed within Cisco's time frame.” - Reengineering ERP: Business Processes and Personal Dynamics, May 21, 2001 The urgency dictated implementation on an unrealistic basis

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