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` Proposal for the introduction of an ERP System in Joshua Arkwright & Sons Classical bicycle manufacturer Report Submission Data: 11th May 2010 Reported by: 09BSP046 Enterprise Resource Planning Module Group Assignment Table of Contents Section Page 1. Executive Summary 2. Company Situation Analysis 2.1 Company background 2.2 Company situation 2.2.1. Financial Condition 2.2.2. Market Condition 2.2.3. System 2.2.4. Human Recourse 2.3. About SAP R/3 3. Overall project goals 4. Priorities for computerisation 4.1. 4.2. 4.3. 5. Evaluation of commercial feasibility: benefits 6. Project Plan References At…show more content…
It may be because of complex, ineffective flow in communication as a result of un-integrated information system in JAS. : Low performance in liquidity may be resulted from poor inventory management and ineffective costs control. Firstly, JAS is facing the cash flow problem because of having too many stocks in warehouse. Secondly, un-integrated information system brings some difficulties in costs control. In-timely and inaccurate customers’ financial data makes JAS difficult to retrieve debtors effectively. 2.2.2 Market The UK Government policies encourage citizens to use more bicycles instead of other transportations as possible as they can because of the congestion and air pollution. In addition, increasingly number of people has treated cycling as an exercise, trip and healthy lifestyle, which promotes the consumption of bicycle. These contribute to the boost of bicycle industry. However, JAS has gained relatively lower market share over the last few years. The level of competitive intensity has a significant impact on JAS’s sales and profit. Firstly, as a medium-sized company providing high-quality bicycles, JAS has been receiving increasing competition from its existing rivals who offer similar products but relatively lower price because of their economies of scale. Some rivals benefit from their high production or lower cost of material and labour, leading to competitive advantage in the marketplace, such as high quality with the relatively lower

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