Erp Implementation

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| IS-560 Enterprise SystemsDePaul UniversityRobert W. Starinsky, InstructorWinter Quarter, 2004 | ERP Implementation Report of Findings and Recommendations CISCO Systems, Inc. Table of Contents Table of Contents 1 Background and Scope 2 ERP Implementation scenario 2 Situation Analysis 3 Conclusion and Recommendations 4 Background and Scope Cisco System, Inc is a Computer Technologies company that was founded in 1984. The company’s primary product is the “router.” The router is hardware and software that control Intranet and Internet traffic. With the growth of the Internet, Cisco products became in high demand. In 1997 Cisco was ranked among the top five companies in return on revenues and on assets. Cisco has been…show more content…
* Detailed business process tracking sheets were developed. * Issued discovered were documented on the tracking sheets. * The issues were discussed in weekly 3-hour meetings held by the program management office. The track leaders from each area worked on them to get the issues resolved and project to move forward. * Modifications to the system were classified as being red, yellow, or green. * Red modifications were sent to the steering committee for approval. * The implementation team discovered the need to change Oracle would lead to some unplanned changes to the project plan and budget * It was determined that Cisco needed a service support package for sales, which would be implemented together with ERP system on the same day. CRP2 * A decision was made to use a data warehouse for all data communications. * A decision was made not to convert the history as part of this
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