Erp Implementation at Foxmeyer Drugs

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ERP Implementation at FoxMeyer Drugs
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February 19, 2011

Summary of the Nature of Implementation
This paper investigates the implementation of ERP project at FoxMeyer Drugs in 1993. The paper will identify lessons learnt from the failure of the project implementation. However a critical analysis of what went right and wrong will be carried out.
According to a case study by Scott, (n.d), FoxMeyer was worth over 5 billion in 1993 this was a time when the company was the fourth largest pharmaceuticals distributer. In 1993 FoxMeyer Drugs stated an ambitious project aimed at increasing efficiency through the use of technology, in the last months of 1993 a
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While implementing a project it is imperative to have the commitment of the management and also employees, the employees were disgruntled as the project threatened their jobs, it would be advisable to avoid the project all together.
The project did not achieve desirable standards as far as customer requirements, scope, environment and execution were concerned. It was important that the project integrators to ensure customers do not escalate during the implementation of the project, being the first adopters of the software FoxMeyer should have exercised caution by adopting the software in phases rather than implementing the project directly, furthermore, execution was the biggest problem, despite knowing that the project needed skilled personnel FoxMeyer did not train staff during the early stages of the project and had to rely on consultants. Finally the company should have gained control over the project from the start to ensure that all the staff and management were involved but in this case despite knowing that the project would not work as envisaged the management did not take control or stop the implementation of the project.
FoxMeyer should not have implemented the project on the basis of escalation that the project would save the company revenue. All the project factors needed to be considered. The project vendor and consultants should not rely on history of successful projects but careful analysis of each company before implementing a project.
If a project
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