Erp Implementation in Oil Industry

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Acta Polytechnica Hungarica Vol. 8, No. 4, 2011 ERP Project Implementation: Evidence from the Oil and Gas Sector Alok Mishra, Deepti Mishra Department of Computer Engineering, Atilim University Incek 06836, Ankara Turkey, Abstract. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems provide integration and optimization of various business processes, which can lead to improved planning and decision quality, and a smoother coordination between business units, resulting in higher efficiency and a quicker response time to customer demands and inquiries. This paper reports the challenges and opportunities and the outcome of an ERP implementation process in the Oil & Gas exploration sector. This study…show more content…
The relative invisibility of the ERP implementation process is also identified as a major cause of ERP implementation failures [17]. Such invisibility is attributed to the unpredictably complex social interaction of IT and organization [18]. Volkoff [19] suggested that the critical challenge of ERP implementation is believed to be the mutual adaptation between IT and user environment. The inclusion of today’s strategic choices into the enterprise systems may significantly constrain future action. By the time the implementation of an ERP system is completed, the strategic context of the firm may have changed [11]. Nicolaou [20] reports that ERP implementation success often results from a number of factors, such as user participation and involvement in software development, the assessment of business needs, the processes during the analysis phase of the project and the level of data integration designed into the systems. ERP changes these processes, from designing a custom system to accommodate the existing business processes of a firm to selecting a business application system that best meets the firm’s needs. Mabert et al. [3] suggested that case studies and interviews facilitate to obtain reliable and detailed information on the current status of ERP practice and ERP implementations. They further argued that most implementation projects are unique
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