Erp Implementations : A Business Process Management

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ERP Implementations
Introduction: Enterprise resource planning is a business process management tool to help business manage and automate many back office functions related to technology, services, accounting, supply chain, inventory, projects and human resources [1]. It is a system which integrates product planning, development, manufacturing, sales and marketing [1].
First ERP Failure (Hershey): There are many organizations which were successful in the implementation of ERP’s but there are also ERP implementations which were a disastrous failures. Firstly let us know about few of such organizations. The most famous company Hershey’s, one among the top fortune 500 companies was once hit by the ERP failure in the year 1999.The Hershey Foods Corporation was founded by Milton Hershey in year 1894 . Hershey’s had approached three vendors SAP AG, Siebel Systems and Manugistics for implementing the ERP system. Few of the modules were implemented in January 1999, remaining modules were due on April 1999 [3]. Unfortunately it was delayed and was moved on to be implemented in July 1999 which had overlapped with the year’s busiest time when huge orders were received for Christmas and Halloween. To complete the implementation on a faster notion Hershey decided on following Big Bang implementation in which several modules were implemented parallel. This implementation was failed miserably due to lack of order management and fulfillment, even though Hershey had finished the product and
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