Erp System

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Executive Summery

After studying how the logistics industry benefited from using Enterprise Resource Planning system, SAP software, we found the following.

• Improved communication

The communication between partners of the company and within the company had improved

• Increase in profits

Increase in profit by reducing expenditure and increase in sales

• Better security

The business data is centralize, consolidating separate security systems into a one structure
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With an integrated software application, Enterprise Resource Planning systems automate the activity of finance/accounting, manufacturing, sales and service, customer relationship management. It can be implemented on a variety of computer hardware and network configurations, by creating a database as storage for information.

Aspect of Enterprise Resource Planning system

Enterprise Resource Planning system consists of component such as,

• Finance/Accounting - general ledger, debtor/creditor ledger, cash management,

• Human resources – employee training, payroll, recruitment

• Manufacturing - bill of materials, scheduling, workflow management

Supply chain management - inventory status, goods inspection, supply chain l planning

• Project management - time and expense, costing, management of activity

• Customer relationship management - sales and marketing, customer contact

Types of Enterprise Resource Planning systems

a. Microsoft

Microsoft software holds a promising segment in the SME market. They are upgrading constantly the versions and are expert in the products from the vendor 's point of view (who knows all the practical difficulties of the stakeholders). They are taking a very liberal stand when it happened in the market and competitors so as to be more compatible to the users. More innovations will take the company to

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