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Minicase 1. ERP helps productivity at Northern Digital Inc. 1. For a small company like NDI, why is an ERP better than SCM applications? ERP’s major objective is to integrate all departments and functional information flows across a company onto a single computer system that can serve all of the enterprise’s needs while SCM software focuses on planning, optimization and decision-making processes in segments of the supply chain. ERP is also a cost saving application as it can be leased (in our case NDI took it from Intuitive Manufacturing systems). The ease of ERP implementation and use is also very important in comparison with SCM. 2. Identify the supply chain segments that the ERP supports. ERP supports inventory management…show more content…
List the advantages of buying online versus buying over the phone after watching QVC. What are the disadvantages? Is it a CRM service? Advantages of buying online versus buying over the phone: - easiness of making an order; - possibility to see what you are ordering; - possibility to follow your order status; - possibility to contact the company via different means (e-mail, online chat…) Disadvantages: 1. When you are buying over the phone, it’s easier to avoid mistakes in your order, because you are talking to the operator, who is fixing all your needs concerning a new product. 2. The trust to the company is higher in case of making an order over the phone, because when the customer is calling the representative knows all the information about him/her and the products he/she buys. 3. The relationships between customer and company are built better over the phone. It is a CRM service, because the company focuses on building long-term and sustainable customer relationships that add value for both the customer and the company. One-to-one relationship between customer and seller is practiced in this case. 3. Enter the chat room of and the bulletin board. What is the general mood of participants? Are they happy with QVC? Why and why not? What is the advantage of having customers chat live online? After visiting chat room, it’s worth to conclude that the customers are mostly satisfied with QVC products, because of its quality,

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