Erp and Related Technologies

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ERP is an abbreviation for Enterprise resource planning and means the techniques and concepts for the integrated management of business as a whole, from the viewpoint of the effective use of management resources, to improve the efficiency of an enterprise. ERP systems serve an important function by integrating separate business functions-materials management, product planning, sales, distribution, finance and accounting and others-into a single application.

However, ERP systems have three significant limitations: 1. Managers cannot generate custom reports or queries without help from a programmer and this inhibits them from obtaining information quickly, which is essential for maintaining a competitive
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If individuals are motivated and working hard, yet the business processes are cumbersome and non-essential activities remain, organizational performance will be poor. Business Process Reengineering is the key to transforming how people work. What appear to be minor changes in processes can have dramatic effects on cash flow, service delivery and customer satisfaction. Even the act of documenting business processes alone will typically improve organizational efficiency by 10%.

2. Management Information System (MIS)

• Management Information Systems (MIS), are information systems, typically computer based, that are used within an organization. WordNet described an information system as "a system consisting of the network of all communication channels used within an organization". As an area of study it is commonly referred to as information technology management.

• The study of information systems is usually a commerce and business administration discipline, and frequently involves software engineering, but also distinguishes itself by concentrating on the integration of computer systems with the aims of the organization.

• The area of study should not be confused with Computer Science which is more theoretical and mathematical in nature or with Computer Engineering which is more engineering.

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