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ERR Assignment Task 1  Task 2 Question 1 (1.4) 3 sources of information on the current employment law would be: Question 2 (2.1) There are different aspects of the job which are listed on the job description, to allow staff to see exactly what kinds of things they’ll be doing within the job, to define the role. This means these jobs are required to be done by the worker in the contract of employment. Part of the contract of employment also states the amount of hours which are required by the employee per week. These hours must be met, and are put forward by the employer on a weekly rota. However, the employee is also entitled to holidays and bank holidays off work, once they have worked a certain amount of time,…show more content…
My role also means working in a team, alongside other carers, to provide the best service possible to make the elderly feel safe and secure. Question 8 (3.2) Following best practice guidelines The quality of service provided could be influenced by following best practice guidelines because if things are done properly, and all policies and procedures are met, the service provided will have a better reputation for the job being done to the best standards. Following the best practice guidelines will also make the service provided run more smoothly and quickly, and also prevent injury by using equipment in the best and safest way. Teams of staff can also work more efficiently by following these guidelines without arguments, to provide a good quality service to the clients. Not carrying out the requirements of your role Not carrying out the requirements of your role, can greatly affect the quality of the service provided. If employees didn’t do their jobs, nothing would get done, and this could cause harm to the service users. This could also cause legal issues, if certain job requirements, such as not filling in/ signing charts etc. or not handing out drugs when they should be, because these jobs should legally be done, to help protect the clients and keep them safe. This will mean the quality of the service provided is poor, and would likely not create any business. Question 9 (3.3) Protect
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