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Amanda Atkins ERR Assignment 08/12/11 Q. Describe the terms and conditions of your employment as set out in your contract of employment. A. During my employment with Casterbridge, they may need to hold personal data, details of criminal record and medical data. Casterbridge will ensure that this information is held securely in personnel files and will not disclose this information to others outside the operations department or line management structure, except in case of relevant medical information in a medical emergency or as required by law. Casterbridge may also need to hold some information for equal opportunities monitoring purposes, such as age, sex, sexuality, race, religion and any disability. When…show more content…
Q. Explain the agreed ways of working with your employer in relation to the following areas: 1. Data protection 2. Grievance 3. Conflict management 4. Anti-discriminatory practice 5. Health & safety 6. Confidentiality 7. Whisleblowing xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Q. Explain how your role contributes to the overall delivery of the service provided. A. As we (as nursery nurses) are the ones that spend time with the children and look after them, we are the first contact for not only the children but for their parents too. So it’s very important that we are seen as professional and competent people at all times. I, as an individual, work alongside a small team of professional childcare workers to support, inspire, care for and look after all the children within my care. I will maintain a safe environment for the children to explore, learn and play in. I am polite to other staff, children and parents and communicate well with everyone. Q. Explain how you could influence the quality of the service provided by; a. following best practise within your work role, b. not carrying out the requirements of your role. A.a. Following best practise within my work role would mean good role model for the children and other members of staff,

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