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Task A
Ai) To update my staff handbook, so that it reflects the current employment law, I can utilise the following sources to enable me to do this: The Employer's Handbook 2012-13: An Essential Guide to Employment Law, Personnel
Employment rights act 1996

Aii) a) These are just a few, of many, aspects of employment covered by law:
Holiday entitlement.
Statutory maternity pay (SMP)
Statutory sick pay (SSP).

b) There are three main features of current employment legislation:
Employment Rights Act 1996 - It deals with rights can get when at work including unfair dismissal, reasonable dismissal notice,
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Bii) Your payslip shows how much you earn per month and the deductions that take place which are tax, national insurance, and other tax deductions. It will show your earning before and after the deductions and it will also show any deductions that may take place e.g. Sick pay, Maternity pay. Your payslip will show any tax information that is needed to pay you and personal information such as your name and employers’ name. It has how much tax and national insurance that can be taken from how much you earn a year. Biii) You must inform your employer if you have recently moved, as they will need you new address for sending your payslip to and any new information/letters if you are off for any reason. You must also inform your employer any dates you wish to have off for holiday in advance. Two weeks notice is normally asked from your employer. Biv) You can raise a grievance at work by:
Speaking to the other person it concerns, if able to.
Speaking to your supervisor about the problem in a one to one.
Speak to your manager to see if they can resolve the issue.
If you cant resolve it by your manager you should address it formally. You can do that by putting it in writing and giving it to your line manager.
Bv) 1. Data protection:- With data protection you need to take into account that the children and families information is protected.
2. As above Biv.
3. Conflict management- if there is a conflict between two colleagues you would report to either your room

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