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Apprenticeships for supporting teaching and learning in schools Employee rights and responsibilities (ERR) workbook [pic] Contents Page Introduction 1 What are ERR? 1 Using the workbook 1 Planning ERR programmes 1 Monitoring programmes 2 Completion form 2 1. Statutory rights and responsibilities 3 1.1 Contracts of employment 3 1.2 Anti-discrimination provisions 4 1.3 Working hours and holiday entitlements 5 1.4 Sickness absence and sick pay 5 1.5 Data protection 6 1.6 Health and safety 6 1.7 Legislative frameworks in the sector 7 2. Procedures and documentation 8 2.1 Contracts…show more content…
These may be delivered as part of an induction programme and/or as an integral part of the learning programme for the qualifications. Aspects relevant to individual apprentices, such as their terms and conditions of employment, may be covered by the employer as part of the apprentice’s induction to the school/college and their job role. Specialist providers such as human resources (HR) professionals, local authority officers and/or union representatives may be used to deliver relevant parts of the content. All apprentices should receive a well-planned and comprehensive ERR programme. Employers and providers will need to select the most appropriate methods and timescales for inclusion in the individual training plan. Monitoring programmes The provider should ensure that employers and any other people involved in the delivery of ERR are provided with a copy of the agreed programme. It is also important to ensure mutual understanding of the ERR requirements and to check this at regular intervals. Apprentices also need to understand the ERR requirements and their understanding should be checked at regular intervals. As a signatory to the ERR completion form, it is essential that apprentices are given a copy of the agreed ERR programme in order to monitor and agree satisfactory completion and achievement of the learning outcomes. As stated above, ERR are a mandatory component of apprenticeship frameworks. However, there is no requirement for formal

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