Error Avoidance in Postmodern/Cas Essay

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Error Avoidance in Post Modern/Complex Adaptive System
Charles Holloway
MHA601 Healthcare Administration
Dr. Ona Johnson
July 2, 2012

In this new emerging world that we live in today managing healthcare organizations have been force to develop new ways to manage Healthcare organization From these changes of healthcare organizations the postmodern complex adaptive system has evolved. Before the development of this theory healthcare organizations have been unable to manage healthcare in an efficient and productive manner. From this inefficient management managers began to face new challenges which lead to poor choices, managers made for the companies they represented. In the following paragraphs I will show ten scenarios and
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Changing the working process for workers can have dramatic results on a company . The problems that management makes when designing a working process is that they do not considering the importance the role that communities of practice has on a work performance. In a postmodern/CAS the development of a working process takes into consideration that workers gain more knowledge, new insights and more efficient ways to perform their jobs. Using this knowledge managers can include workers in the developmental processes that create a positive , more productive and more efficient working process . As stated by Davidson ”Request input from anyone in the work-flow chain. Seek their opinions of how to improve efficiency.” (p 1) . The fifth error as stated by Johnson(2010e) “assume that employees will not reallocate work assignments based on their perception of the best arrangement even after receiving work allocation assignments from management” (p 80). The problem with this scenerial is that management is basing the reallocation on an assumption. The way management should handle this is to understand why and for what purpose upper management is allocating work assignments. Then as the postmodern/CAS in decision making and sense making process allow the employees to play a part in their reallocation process. Doing this by communicate the why and purpose for the allocating of work assignment to the workers and allow workers
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