Erucius Argumentative Essay

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I was asked to be in the First Triumvirate this morning. So many thoughts are rushing through my head now. Why would Ceaser want me in the First Triumvirate if I wanted him dead? Why would they make something so unconstitutional? Why would Pompey join such a horrific group? Now, you are probably wondering how did I get here and how did this all start, well this is where it begins… I believe it all began when I was in my first legal case. I successfully argued my first legal case defending a man charged with I parricide. When the trial began Erucius gave a long speech about the case, although I would say it was slightly biased my charisma will easily persuade the crowd into thinking that Roscius is innocent…(…show more content…
In fact, Roscius was actually on good terms with his father.” Stated Erucius.
“In fact, Roscius neither wanted to nor had the opportunity to kill his father, in fact, Roscius did not have the depraved and vicious nature required to carry out such an act, and he did not have the means to nor could get anyone else to kill his father,” I stated afterwards (
It was a prominent end to the first day, although there was still work to be done. I had persuaded the jury and know I am ready to find out how exactly who killed Roscius’ father. I believe I had a general idea of who did it...
It is the second-day know and I am
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My friends tried long and hard to get me back into Rome, and the finally did. Now I can get back into politics (
6 Months Later
For the past six months I have been trying to separate Pompey from the rest of the Triumvirate, and today he finally told me to stop. I believe my next steps are trying to start working in the fields of philosophy and writing (
9 Years Later I am extremely disappointed, The Second Triumvirate was just formed two days ago. One of my major concerns is that I am on their watch list. I am also hearing rumors that the Triumvirate is planning on exiling
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