Erwin Rommel Essay

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     Erwin Rommel Jr. was born on November 15, 1891 in Swabian. His father Erwin Rommel Sr., was a schoolmaster in Heidenheim in Wurttemberg , and Rommel's mother was Helene von Luz was a daughter of the local Regierungs-President.

     As a child, he was even tempered and was unremarkable academically and athletically. After high school, Rommel Jr. was thinking of applying to the Zeppelin works at
Friederichshafen, but his father, an ex-artillery officer, advised him to go to the army instead. In July, 1910, Rommel became a cadet with the 124th Wurttemberg Infantry Regiment in the 26th Infantry Division of the German Imperial Infantry. He served as cadet in the Army until
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Then Rommel reorganized another confused company, and started to return to his own unit. On the way, 5 French soldiers appeared ahead of him. Rommel opened fire and dropped two of them, only to run out of ammunition. Rommel quickly fixed his bayonet and charged only to be wounded with a fist sized exit wound and to be rewarded with an Iron Cross and Second Class for bravery. Also before World War 1 ended Rommel received a Pour le Merite. Rommel's son, Manfred was born in December 1928, on Christmas Eve.

     In September 1934, Rommel first met Hitler. Rommel was devoted to Hitler because of Hitler's acceptance of the army over the SA. Rommel thought Hitler was a good man, and he was swept up in the patriotic pride that now ran rampant throughout Germany. Hitler was just as impressed with Rommel, and Rommel's character soon gained him the position of Major-General of Hitler's Special Guard, a very prestigious honor. Soon Rommel and Hitler became close friends. Hitler consulted with Rommel on where he would like to go from there. Rommel told him he would like to lead an armored division.

     In early February, 1940, Rommel was appointed to command the 7th Panzer Division, now stationed at Godesberg in the west and soon deployed in the nearby valley of the Ahr. He took leave of Hitler and was given an inscribed copy of Mein
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