Erwin Rommel : The Greatest Leader

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Erwin Rommel was one of Germany’s greatest commanders. Born in Heidenheim, Germany, on 15 November 1891, Erwin Rommel was referred to as "the People 's Marshal" by his countrymen. Having a long career in the military, he began his service in World War I, where he cut his teeth in combat as a young infantry officer. Over his career, Rommel received several nicknames, none more famous than “The Desert Fox”, given to him by the British soldier he fought against in the deserts of Africa during World War II. Never one for the political stage, Erwin was a soldier’s General. He much preferred living with the troops then above them. He was however, deeply connected to the Nazi party, which helped propel his military career. Early in the political party’s development, Rommel admired Hitler. Later, he sees the true evil that Hitler is capable of while serving in Poland and Africa. When Hitler and the Nazi party offered him a seat in politics, he declined and asked to command a tank division. He saw tanks as the next major player on the modern battlefield. Famous for leading from the frontline, Rommel could not accept running battles from a staff room, miles away. On the12 of February 1940, Rommel received his first field command over the 7th Panzer Division. While in command of the 7th, Rommel participated in the invasion of Poland, Belgium and France. The campaigns in Europe helped Rommel develop his employment of blitzkrieg tactics using combined arms. Although

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