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In 1560 Erzebet Bathory was born into one of the oldest – and wealthiest – families in Transylvania. Her ancestors had assisted Vlad Dracule during his rise to power; other relatives went on to become cardinals, princes, Prime Ministers, and King of Poland. She was a healthy, energetic child, a quality found to be unique for someone of her social status. She was also vain, often boasting of her fresh complexion that she believed was her best feature. Well educated, Erzebet was able to both read and write in four languages.

At the age of 11, she was arranged in marriage to 16-year-old Ferencz Nadasdy. To Erzebet, an arrangement was not the same as a commitment and at 14 found herself pregnant after a fling with a local peasant. In
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When pricey clothing and cosmetics stopped hiding the wrinkles, she obsessed on finding a cure. One day, she believed, she found the answer she had been searching for.

A servant girl was brushing Erzebet’s hair when she did something to upset the Countess. Erzebet struck the girl causing her face to bleed, a few drops falling on Erzebet’s hand. As she furiously wiped away the blood, Erzebet noticed the skin looked younger. She was instantly convinced the blood of young girls was the key to eternal beauty.

Erzebet’s helpers began combing the countryside by the dark of night in search of worthy girls. Once they were brought to the castle, they were stripped naked and hung upside down by chains. Then their throats would be slit, the blood draining into a bath below. Erzebet would then bathe in the fresh warm blood.

She followed this routine for 5 years before she decided the results were much less than she desired. Undeterred, Erzebet rationalized that better blood was needed. In 1609, she founded an academy in the Castle taking in 25 noble girls at a time after promising their families she would properly finish the girls’ education. Little did the parents know their daughters would meet the same fate as the peasant girls.

The ease with which she could now obtain her victims caused Erzebet to act recklessly. Victims were tortured for weeks, even months, before they were murdered. They endured such tortures

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