Esarhaddon's Covenant Tablet Of The Law

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Similarities exist between Esarhaddon’s Covenant Tablet and Tablet of the Law as Jewish apocalyptic writers understood it. However, evidence suggests these similarities existed across the entire ANE. Next, the Tablet of Destinies read like the Heavenly Tablets in one perspective—they both record events, but the Heavenly Tablets also incorporated the Jewish Torah. Also, missing from the Jewish Heavenly Tablets concept is possession equaling divine supremacy and authority to assign offices. Instead, the Jubileen author grounds Heavenly Tablet authority in the Tablet of the Law, deriving authority from the historical (from the Second Temple author’s point of view) Sinai event. Therefore, it seems prudent to concede a general idea of tablet authority derived from Mosaic law, but Second Temple Judaism shaped it for the author, similar to the tablets in Qumran.
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