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ESCADA Group Fashion Business Strategy Assignment Unit Leader: Anna Watson MA Strategic Fashion Marketing Assem Ospanova – OSP10309007 DEC 2010 Fashion Business Strategy Assignment Choose a fashion company, which is currently underperforming. Using the frameworks, models or concepts discussed in class, analyse why the company is struggling and suggest a strategy for the company that will help overcome its current difficulties. Consider the current and future implications of the macro and microenvironment. Paper structure Introduction Escada case analysis * Opportunities and Threats through PESTEL analysis * Strength and Weaknesses through RBV Strategic choices * Strategic clock * Ansoff Conclusion…show more content…
Therefore the strategic options are suggested on the basis of environmental opportunities and threats and on the basis of strength and weaknesses (SWOT) assessed trough the Resource Based View. The strategic recommendations will consider the purist strategy supported by Porter, the strategy clock and the Ansoff’s Matrix. Escada – case study - Escada’s background Escada was founded in 1976 by a couple, Wolfgang and Margaretha Ley as a knitwear company in Munich, Germany. From the very beginning the company faced a big success and a quick growth for being synonymous of high-end design and excellent quality products, especially appreciated by the luxury segment. It was all about strong sense of bright colours, elegance, and the perfect fit for upper class working women. During the 1980s a huge attention was pointed on German fashion labels, which saw the rise of brands such as Jil Sander, Hugo Boss and Joop! as well as Escada. This distinction contributed to the international expansion of Escada, considered as leader of country’s luxury market export. Escada expanded rapidly on international markets, through the opening of retail stores in the major European cities, followed by the opening of stores in US in 1981 and further in Japan. Continuing the growth strategy in 1986 Escada went public entering the Frankfurt Stock Market. At the end of the 1980s and into the early 1990’s, following the public offering Escada started
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