Escape Fire : The United States Healthcare System

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Escape Fire Paper
Escape Fire is a documentary that examines the United States healthcare system and its rising costs which have been predicted to reach $4.2 trillion annually within ten years. Americans spend over $8,000 per capita on expenses associated with healthcare while other countries spend an estimated $3,000 and achieve better health outcomes. Nearly 75% of U.S. healthcare dollars are spent on the treatment of chronic diseases which include heart disease and diabetes rather than on disease prevention. In addition, U.S. healthcare involves a fee-for-service payment design in which the hospital and physician received a payment each time a procedure is performed. Even physicians with the best of intentions are issued incentives to order more medical tests, see more patients, and perform more medical procedures while it may not be their choice to practice in this scenario. Hospitals are encouraged to keep hospital beds full, use high-tech equipment, and perform more surgical procedures. Primary care physicians spend less than 15 minutes per patient and receive very little compensation for providing education for disease prevention, nutrition counseling, or discussing mind/body and exercise interventions. Experts in this documentary agree that medical care in the U.S. has become a profit-driven “disease-care system” instead of a healthcare system that emphasizes optimum patient care. Escape Fire identified many problems that exist in the U.S. healthcare system and
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