Escape from Colorado State School

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Please report to the auditorium immediately.” I threw on my bland uniform, and started to head towards the elevators. Everyone was either piling down the stairs, or waiting in a huge line for the elevator. I decided to take on the wild pack of students going down the stairs.
Finally, I reached the auditorium just in time for Ceremony Day. I spotted August in the middle of the buzzing crowd waving her arms at me. We made eye contact, and she patted the seat next to her. I shuffled through the crowd and sat in the cushiony fold up seat. August looked around to make sure no one was going to listen to what she was going to tell me. Her buggy eyes squinted and leaned in close to me.
“So here’s the plan. In the middle of the Ceremony, we leave saying we are going to the bathroom. Then, we make our way to the basement while all the adults are too caught up in the Ceremony.

Minutes later, we were in the basement of our school. August and I walked deeper and deeper into the basement, which seemed like hours. Suddenly August stopped dead in her tracks. She was looking straight ahead, at a door with light shining through the cracks.
“Bennett, we did it!” she yelled. I nodded.
“Yup, now c’mon, we have no time to waste!” We opened the creaky door and started jogging toward the Colorado State Hall, where the president was going to be speaking. As we reached the State Hall, we slipped through the door and started walking towards the front…

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