Escape from Reason and 10 Books that Screwed up the World and 5 others that Didn't Help

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Escape from Reason and 10 Books That Screwed up the World
Although the ultimate truth from God never changes, people’s rules and thought change. For this reason, as people change their standard and laws away from God’s truth, they face difficulties. To get through difficulties, people tried to find better way from their thinking. Even though people know that trading the truth with lies bring only destruction, they reject the truth. Furthermore, they say that the truth is the one brings destruction to the world. Because of their wrong focus to solve the problem, they get into deeper problem. The book of Schaeffer, “Escape from Reason” and other book of Wiker, “10 Books That Screwed up the World and 5 Others That Didn’t Help”
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There are many of them familiar to people. Most standing out book from them was Mill’s Utilitarianism. “I would rather be a hungry Socrates than a satisfied swine,” is the worldly known quotation in the world. Even though people do not know that quotation is from Mill’s book, many people are so inspired by the quotation, they think of it as their life guiding line. Because Mill’s focus in his life was achieving greater pleasure, he replaced God with his personal pleasure. Living for only getting greater pleasure was repulsive to many people; however, not like their understanding, Mill’s point of pursuing greater pleasure in life was based on human level of happiness. Mill’s writing which is rather being a hungry Socrates than a satisfied swine shows his different levels of happiness. Mill did not put everything equal in the world, but since the reasons of people’s lives were focused on pursuing happiness led the world to be screwed up.
The most outstanding author from fifteen other authors was Marx. Because of his wrong view of man, many people went through cruel suffering. Marx was the one who drew out Communism to the world. With Marx’s wrong view of man, many people ended up killing thousands of people to get to the point of utopia. Through many wars, some lighted people kept the world from Marx’s crazy idea of having utopia. However, with the study of Marx, many people
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