Escaping A Doll House By Henrik Ibsen

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Escaping Marriage in A Doll House In Ibsen’s the figurative play is the A Doll House, Nora is a doll, and her marriage is the doll house. Outwardly, Nora is a beautiful woman entertaining her husband with the beautiful images of a submissive wife, but inside, she is desperate, longing to explore her potential outside of the dollhouse of her marriage. In a society dominated by the expectations of men, Nora must choose between the duties determined by her role as a wife in opposition to the obligations of self, in determining her true character. Within the context of love, Nora will commit forgery, and through this deception, discovers her marriage is nothing more than an illusion, and she nothing more than a doll within Torvald 's house. In Act I, the Christmas tree symbolizes the Helmer 's marriage. The external of, the tree is beautifully decorated, but inside it is dying because the tree doesn’t have any roots to feed. Nora and Helmer are playing the roles that society has taught them. “A Nineteenth-Century Husband’s Letter to His Wife” Marcus and Helmer are very comparable within how they act and treat their wives. Helmer is the strong provider and protector; Nora is the helpless little woman who dependent on him. Like the Christmas tree, the Helmer 's marriage is just an image of beauty, dying on the inside. After Krogstad informs Nora that he intends to blackmail her, she tells the maid to bring her the tree and set it in the middle of the floor (center stage) (1581).
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