Escaping North Korea Essay

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Living in the dust bowl, fighting poverty and escaping North Korea are all really hard challenges to overcome.In the documentary of the dust bowl the people have a man vs nature conflict. Fighting poverty is a never ending cycle that people try to solve. The last article “Escaping North Korea” is about a girl (Yeomni Park) living through the troubles of North Korea and eventually escaping. Escaping North Korea is the hardest challenge to overcome for several reasons. Escaping North Korea is the hardest challenge to overcome due to the harsh conditions people live in. This piece of evidence from the article “Escaping North Korea” supports the topic.“But this killing lodged in her mind. Yeonmi watched in horror as the woman she knew was lined up alongside eight other prisoners and her sentence was read out.” “As the executioners raised their weapons, Yeonmi covered her face. But she looked up again, just in time to see an explosion of blood and the woman’s body crumple to the ground.”First of all children are invited to watch terrible executions. This would give children unforgetable memories. Secondly the people in the city are forced to live in poor houses without working water. In the text Yeomni recalls “ they were forced to move from a comfortable house in Hyesan to a minuscule apartment.”…show more content…
This makes it so hard to escape North Korea. In “Escaping North Korea” it says “ twelve years have passed since that day, and Yeonmi 21, is one of tens of thousands of North Korean defectors who have escaped one of the world's most reclusive repressive regimes.” The first of all, people can’t come and go as they please. North Korean soldiers stand at the border. Secondly the leader makes it so difficult to escape that many people die trying. In “Escaping North Korea” Yeonmi recalls it being
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