Escaping The Eurocentric Train : Film Analysis

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Escaping the Eurocentric Train
The film Snowpiercer takes on so many themes on such a deep level that one who analyzes its meanings risks falling into two traps: being simply too overwhelmed by the amount of social metaphors and symbols to perform proper examination of any of them or stifling the numerous ideas the film offers by forcing it into a single narrative. Admittedly, this paper will even fail to explore all of the intricate arguments, specifically those concerned with the environment. But in order to attempt to avoid either trap, the structure will start with a narrow analysis of the individual and the scope will be broadened to showcase expanded arguments surrounding the smaller pieces. Snowpiercer begins with planes spraying a chemical known as CW7 to stop global warming and save humanity. Yet humanity destroys life on earth in an effort to preserve it and the only hope is the setting of the film, a train run by perpetual motion that circles the globe. Protagonist Curtis is the leader of a revolution from the impoverished masses of the back of the train against the tyrannical and luxurious front. A police force exists to keep the state of the classes as it is with the workers of the back producing for the front. Understanding the analogy for the train itself is vital and there are many possible solutions. Physically, it represents a world government founded upon industrial technology and global business. The question characters ponder is whether the system of…
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