Escapism : Reality And Reality

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Many of us are often seen living in a fantasy, an imagination that is unrestricted by reality. Reality is the state of things which actually exist and unlike fantasy is usually less attractive to the subconscious mind. Fantasy is a world that many of us wish to live in because we either fail to see or choose to accept reality, which is a form of escapism. Escapism is defined as the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy. In this escapism world we can choose to see and do what our heart desires. This is also known as a place of illusion, where we are able to manipulate the way of life in which we envision. In our mind, though subconsciously, fantasy is…show more content…
Why, sometimes there weren’t enough chairs to accommodate them all” (Williams, 4). Amanda would name each gentlemen caller and explain what they did with their lives to serve as a reminder of how much better her life would’ve been if she had pick any one of the gentlemen callers. By retelling the stories, it allow Amanda to believe that she is still a girl receiving gentlemen callers, a way to be able to escape from the real world and get some breather from her unhappy living situation. As seen in Amanda’s case, escapism help provide her with this sense of hope and her well-being. Without being able to escape, all hope will be lost.
In a make-believe world, it can help confuse us into believing that what scares and troubles us is now gone. Fantasy is one of many healthy outlets that allow us to step away from unhappy, hopeless and unfortunate situations in the real world. This form of escapism plays a major role in our mental well-being as long as we know when to disengage ourselves and return to reality.
Others may be dealing with escaping their reality in different ways but eventually it will achieve the same goal, which is to seek comfort and happiness. Today, people has turned to other outlets to seek this comfort, such as video gaming, movies, sports, books or even social media to detach themselves from the real world to help ease their mind from reality. Most of our population had turned to social media such as Facebook and Instagram
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