Escapism: The Most Important Contemporary Issues We Face Today

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Popular songs that were written during the Depression and the two World Wars generally avoided grim reality in favor of lighter topics such as love. As some say escapism is, in fact, an easy way out and does tend to make things worse; while others believe it is a healthy release of our inner urges and struggles, similar to daily exercise. They are, of course, right, from their point of view; as it depends on what you want from life.

In today's popular culture, television, movies, video games, music, and social media; such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler, are considered in actuality to be a bit more practical. In my personal opinion, these pastimes do not necessarily confront the important contemporary issues we face today, nor does
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It is almost impossible to keep free from these effects; as the result is the constant unrest and disturbance of the mind. We generally breathe in the same things from the atmosphere and are consequently led away by the circumstances and general surroundings. Our individualized minds have become the cognitive weather vanes of our way of life, which turns towards the direction in which the wind blows. A person who is not afraid to courageously confront their struggles is able to keep themselves free from the effects.

The serious obstructions in our path that we continue to face are caused by the sufferings and miseries of our inner urges and struggles. The only way to free ourselves from these entanglements is to divert our attention; thus remaining unmindful to them, and in fixing our eyes on the very real things in life. Our inner urges and struggles were initially meant to contribute and carry valuable assets to our progress in the improvement our way of life. As a result, they diminish and disappear from view; however, the total absence of them is impossible and
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