Escapism from Real Life

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Facebook is a social networking website intended to connect friends, family, and business associates. It is the largest of the networking sites, with the runner up being MySpace. It began as a college networking website and has expanded to include anyone and everyone. Facebook users can create a profile page that shows their friends and networks information about them. The choice to include a profile in a network means that everyone within that network can view the profile. The profile typically includes the following: Information, Status, Friends, and Friends in Other Networks, Photos, Notes, Groups, and The Wall. The internet or most specially the Facebook is certainly a form of escapism for people to distress themselves. Besides…show more content…
This type of pseudo living creates a lot of problem and slowly life becomes a sad and lonely walk from cradle to grave. The most frequent reason cited for binge-drinking was another form of escapism which similar to alcohol consuming. Binge-drinking was viewed as a method by which people could temporarily break loose from their personal and professional responsibilities. The motivations behind binge-drinking were less considered, particularly among the younger age groups of eighteen to twenty four year olds. 'Getting wasted', 'letting rip' and 'having a laugh' were seen as the norm within their peer group. To some extent binge-drinking was also regarded as a rite of passage. Location of binge-drinking episodes largely focused on the respondents' experiences in bars, pubs and clubs. Given that the interviews were conducted in town centers on Fridays and Saturdays this is to be expected. A very few will admitted themselves in excessive drinking at home. Television watching can be a form of as a form of escapism and relaxation, and some of the reasons vary for each individual. For example, after a long day at work. I sometimes, go home and choose to watch a soap opera such as Korea movie or drama, whereas someone else may prefer to watch it as a form of company or for fulfillment if they were lonely. The main reason for this feeling of guilt may be because people find that watching television is an activity which is easily available and requires a minimum amount of
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