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Bishop Patteson Theological College Kohimarama 2013 Eschatology and Soteriology Assignment One (What cultural module you would use to explain Eschatology to your congregation) Name: Ellison Gito Course: THEO 235/ESCHATOLOGY/SOTERIOLOGY Semester: One Diploma: Three Year: 2013 Due date: March, Lecturer: Rev. Fox Mark CONTENTS Page 1) Introduction 1 2) Definition of Eschatology 1 3) Traditional Belief to Eschatology in Isabel 2 4) Biblical Foundation to Eschatology in the Old Testament 3 5) Biblical Foundation from the New Testament 3 a) Eschatology from Saint Paul b) Eschatology from the Gospels 4 6) Theological Reflection to Eschatology 4 7)…show more content…
Now, coming out with this definition in our minds, we begin to grasp some knowledge about the reality about Eschatology, especially the way we can bring down the meaning of this word in the context that we live and adapt to in our community. However, we must have in mind that we must see death differently as Kubler- Ross explained; The problem of death is a universal human question. But the answer to that question differs among cultures. In addition to different ways of dealing with those members of the culture who are dying, different human societies have also offered a variety of explanations for the phenomenon of death and its meaning for human existence. As Christian we can see that all these words correlate with each other as we now look into our traditional belief to Eschatology and the way we interpret them accordingly. 1 2) Traditional Belief of Eschatology Islands in the Solomon have one thing in common and that is life after death. This means, they believe people go to certain places within their Islands when they die. In Isabel, especially people in Bugotu, we believe very much that people go straight to San George Island immediately after they die. Even today people hold on to this belief, however because of the influences that the church ponders upon this belief, it started to fade away from people’s mentality. In other words we can say that San George Island is
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