Eschatology. Introduction. This Week We Have Studied Eschatology,

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This week we have studied eschatology, the doctrine of last things, and the peculiar Christian tension of the “now” and “not yet” aspects of the kingdom of God. This paper will attempt to explain how the kingdom of God is present, but not yet fully consummated and how knowledge of that consummation shapes Christian kingdom work in the present day.
NOW AND NOT YET AND FINAL RESTORATION Theologians have described this now and not yet tension, stating that God’s kingdom is now present through Christ and reigning through his body the church, but the world has yet to experience the kingdom of God come to earth, as shown in Revelation. (Lecture 5). This tension gives the Christian hope, not for some disembodied …show more content…

(Watson, 2000). Premillennial believe Christ will come before the 1,000 years, after a time of apostasy and tribulation. Postmillennial believe that Christ will return, after the 1,000 years, when the world has been Christianized. Amillennialists believe there will be a literal thousand-year reign on earth. (Grenz, 1993). The reason for Christian emphasis on the kingdom of God should be obvious—there are a mere handful of references to the church in the New Testament, but there are more than 100 references to the kingdom. (Scotland, 2011). God made heaven and earth, with the ultimate plan to join them together forever. Revelation 21-22 speaks of a New Jerusalem coming down to earth from heaven. When this happens, both heaven and earth are transformed and become something other than what they were before. There will be peace and joy as humanity has intimate enjoyment of God (Isaiah 65:17, Revelation 21:4, 22:2-4). Believers will serve and praise God in this new world. (Revelation 22:3). They will be a glorified humanity, free from sin and dwelling in God’s presence. The world will finally be what God meant it to be at the time of creation. (Bird, 2013). Emphasis on the now and not yet aspects of eschatology has provided a kingdom understanding that is both spiritual and physical and, therefore, speaks to the need of both the body and the soul. (Scotland, 2011). This tension was the essence of Jesus’ ministry. He

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