Eschools as Organisations Post 16 Options for Young People and Adults:

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1.2 Explain the post 16 options for young people and adults: - Once a young person has reached year 11 there are a number of choices to make about their future, this could be choosing a new course at school or college or entering employment and training. These options will give them a good base on building a future career. Post 16:- Continue in full time education either sixth form or at a local college. Depending on their results they can choose from the list below:- Post 17:- If they have just completed a one-year course, following Year 12, they may decide to continue their studies full time or look for jobs and training:- Post 18:- Following Year 13, they will have a number of choices to make about their future. They may…show more content…
- They’d be paid while they learn the skills that employers are looking for. - They’d gain an NVQ Level 3 qualification as an Apprentice or a Level 2 qualification as a foundation Apprentice. Higher Apprenticeships are also available at a Level 4 or above. Traineeships: If the student was leaving school or college a Traineeship could help them get the skills needed to get a job or progress to further learning at a higher level, for example Apprenticeships or further education. In most cases they can start on a Traineeship at any point during the year and they don’t need any formal qualifications to access the programme. There are different levels of Traineeship. (Post 18) • Engagement: If they are finding it difficult to find the right job, get into work or develop their skills and learning, this level will help prepare them for the world of work or full time learning. This level can include work placements, community projects or training. Level 1: If they know what career they want to follow and are ready for full-time learning at Level 1, this level will allow them to progress their skills further in their chosen subject and can also include work placements and community projects. If they have successfully completed a Level 1 and are still out of work, they maybe eligible to start learning at Level 2. Voluntary work: As well as doing something worthwhile and rewarding in its own right, voluntary work can also be a good way of

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