Eskimo Religion

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The Eskimos are found in the northern tip of Russia across Alaska and northern Canada to Greenland. The term Eskimo comes from a Native American word that may have meant eaters of raw meat netter of snowshoes or speakers of foreign language. They are also referred to as Inuit meaning people. They lived in groups varied in size depending on the amount of food available. They gathered in large groups especially during and the fall so that they could hunt migrating animals. Gathering in groups was also because of the ease in sharing the necessities available. These groups acted as the social unit of the Eskimos. Since they had no written rules, they lived by the traditional law. The grated law being that each individual helps in the day…show more content…
Also in their death taboo and rituals, if a person died in a house , everything in it was destroyed. Therefore they believe that life does not end here on earth. They go to three places when they die. There is the land of the sky , a good place where there is no sorrow and fear. There are other worlds of the dead underground way deep a place just like here except that on earth we starve and down there they live in plenty. Another place, the land of the miserable right under the surface of the earth we walk on. There goes all the lazy men who were lazy hunters and all women who refused to be tattooed .The encyclopedia international volume 6 explains on the same that a mans soul was believed to linger about the grave for four days and a womans’ for five during which period the family did not work and made no noise. They say that there are three souls; one dies with the body, the second is the name soul which wonders until it is named and the third may go to the sky or underground depending not on how he lived. Babies were named after a relative who had recently died so as to appease them and if the baby remained health, the name was right and the person was considered accepted by the spirits. If it seemed ill another name was given and the owner of the previous name was
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