Esl Classroom Observation

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My first observation took place in a third grade classroom of twenty-two students. All students were of Mexican descent and labeled as intermediate/advanced English language learners. The classroom environment itself was very warm and welcoming. There was a bulletin board that displayed pictures of students and their families along with autobiographies. There was another bulletin board dedicated to celebrating Mexican culture and people. The teacher was a Caucasian women in her mid twenties with three years of teaching experience. The second classroom I observed was a first grade class of twenty-five students. Students in this class were all of Mexican descent and labeled as early intermediate English language learners. The…show more content…
The teacher allowed students to work cooperatively in groups to discuss problem solving strategies. Students appeared to be very much engaged in learning through interaction with peers. The first grade teacher was very active in using the think-pair-share strategy to promote thinking and oral communication. During her writing lesson of editing a sample story, she asked students to think about what corrections they thought needed to be made, then asked them to share their thoughts with a partner. I thought this strategy was very much appropriate and effective for promoting students’ language acquisition, especially for her class of early intermediate language learners. The teacher of the fourth grade class was very energetic as well. He was funny and seemed to have a great relationship with his students. He did a great job of balancing independent work with active learning. When I was observed his classroom, students were working on creative writing. The class was hard at work and very quiet. About ten minutes into their writing, he asked students to stand up with their writing paper in hand and start walking around the classroom. After a few seconds of walking he asked students to stop and partner up with someone who was near near them. They were then told to take turns reading their story to each other and give each other positive feedback, thoughts, and ideas. Students were talkative and
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