Esl Destination : China Vs. South Korea

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ESL Destination: China vs. South Korea

The Times are Changing

Ten years ago South Korea was at the height of its demand for English teachers. It had a nearly insatiable appetite for teachers as they rightly believe education makes a substantial difference in the future of their children and nation. A mere twenty years ago Korea was just beginning to let the world know that it was no longer a third world nation. Ten years ago it was at the height of its economy. This was the golden age of its educational market. With a mere bachelor 's one could access a decent income. Jobs were so plentiful that the hours were great and even universities were hiring with wild abandon.

China 's Yuan, on the other hand, was worth significantly less than it is today. The jobs that are offered today offer the same salary, but the Yuan now trades for more than twice what it did ten years ago.


South Korea

The minimum requirement is a bachelor 's degree from an accredited university in any English speaking nation: Canada, USA, UK, South Africa, and Australia are permitted. However, the majority of English teachers are from the USA and Canada.

Universities will hire people with a bachelor 's degree, but they now require years of experience. Most require a minimum of four years of university teaching experience for a holder of a bachelor 's degree while master 's degree holders are often required to have two years of experience.


In China the minimum requirement is much…
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