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Michelle Snyder ESL Teacher Interview TE 826 Dr. Glenn Tracy 2-22-12 My person that I interviewed is very unique besides being a very good teacher. She had received the honor of being selected ‘Teacher of the Year” a few years back here at Perkins County Schools (Grant, NE), so I knew her methods and strategies were tried and true. She has several different hats in our school system with English Language Learner (ELL) being just one part. She was asked to work with/for me in this program with our high school ELL students while I concentrated on Elementary and Middle School. She is in charge of the district’s Speech department which has also had great success. Finally, she is the school’s Spanish teacher, and a very good one. I have…show more content…
Constantly being around different types of people and different languages, Tate came to believe this as her way of life and so then wanted to learn more about these cultures and teach/help these people. In all of her experience with different diversities, she says she believes students from China are superb. Not to say anything negative about other cultures but Chinese students would come to school, at any level, with a strong desire to learn and nothing was going to get in their way. Ms. Tate is very fluent in Spanish and feels that knowing that language has helped her in becoming a more effective teacher the Latin Americans ELLs. She can tell if a student has some hang ups in the English language and therefore can recognize where the problem lies. She can see if they are not getting a certain language pattern and why, then she can compare the two languages and focus on how to get through the barrier by explaining the differences between the two patterns. Tate also says using the Krashen method where there is more comprehensible input and not everything is based on output produces better results than when she taught before and students had to listen for a long time before producing anything. She loves the curriculum we have: Sopris, Direct Instruction for true Spoken English. It is based on Krashen and gives comprehensible input in repetitive patterns in small doses. It runs
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